Balancing of HVAC systems

Balancing of HVAC systems

Hydrauliques R&O Services Inc. evolves in the field of testing and balancing HVAC systems since its inception. Our technicians can quickly suggest practical, effective and realistic solutions to problems encountered using our multidisciplinary skills in TAB work.

Air balancing

Our technicians are qualified to carry out air velocity readings at the grills or diffusers and adjust the air flows to specific requirements or according to the rooms’ needs. We examine the air distribution and put forth suitable recommendations in order to correct any uncomfortable situation. If need be, we replace pulleys and belts on the HVAC systems. The sophisticated instruments used by our technicians are calibrated on a periodical basis and the certificate of calibration of the instrument can be provided upon request.

Validation of hoods

Our professionals take the readings, carry out the adjustments of the hoods and validate the results. We will suggest solutions in order to ensure the compliancy of your equipment, if necessary. Our technicians can confirm that the criteria for the best performance of the hoods are respected, for example the pressure of the room, the opening of the door and face velocities. We also offer the validation of laboratory hoods according to certain standards or recommended practices such as the ASHRAE 110.

Water balancing

We adjust the water networks ( pumps, water towers, exchangers, chillers, coils, valves… ) so they perform according to prescribed requirements. We use portable ultrasonic flow meters or hydronic pressure gauges to measure the fluids’ flow. The sophisticated instruments used by our technicians are calibrated on a periodical basis. The certificate of calibration can be provided upon request.

Air quality analysis

There are 3 significant parameters to check when it comes to comfort. Percentage of relative humidity (RH), the temperature (T°) and the carbon dioxide level (CO2). We have recorders that are able to measure and register those parameters over a long period of time in order to establish the trend. We are also able to analyze other parameters, namely, the air velocity at a given work station, the configuration of the air jets and the level of noise on the premises.

Leakage test

This type of test consists in checking the leakage of a section of ventilation ductwork to detect the percentage of leakage at a specific pressure. Work is carried out in accordance with the requirements formulated in the HVAC Duct Leakage Test Manual from SMACNA.

Vibration analysis

We can provide you with sophisticated instruments to carry out on-site balancing of your rotary equipment. We carry out on-site dynamic and static balancing under normal conditions of operation. We can get to the source of the problem using the analysis of the results. We replace, if need be, the bearings, couplings, shaft and other parts on the defective equipment.

Laser alignment

It is essential to have a suitable alignment because the couplings cannot compensate for all the misalignment of the equipment and/or unbalance. A bad alignment can cause a premature wear, an excessive consumption of energy and can increase the level of vibrations. Our technicians carry out the alignment of the mechanical couplings with laser instruments.